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Chinese Beijing Ditan Simon lighting design appreciation

Many people mistakenly think of the building as a building, but the building is just a part of the building, just like the human body is a part of the human body: people are more important, including emotional and spiritual. The Chinese pace of life is very fast, so that our bodies arrive at a place, the soul can not keep up, we are often in a state of separation of body and soul; life is life process of these hurried chase people is simplified into a fuzzy line, time lost, like never existed. The same; the meaning of life is not in its form, more in the spirit of it and the remaining memory.

Chinese Beijing Ditan Simon lighting design appreciation

This work uses EL technology to create a light, located in Ditan Simon over the outline of a building, she blinked, swaying in the wind, like Simon's soul, reminding us that the body and soul synchronization. The designer tries to analyze the works of "what is Ditan" in the "spirit" of the level of. To a certain extent, "" Ditan Simon "had also attempted to restore the altar what" identity.


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