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Light conversation lighting device

At the beginning of the construction of Ditan aims to achieve the "dialogue" function. This dialogue is old, self appointed, telepathic, and invisible. Today, we have become accustomed to the dialogue between the strong and the nature, and even the space, and such a dialogue is a precise message, sometimes even compulsive. In this work, the author try to use controlled lines cast light on the ground, with some form of arrangement, on the moment of lightning to write a light mark, try the possibility and the dialogue again, this association and the natural behavior of people with the meaning of yesterday.

Light conversation lighting device

The work place at Ditan Simon a wall outside the woods, the author set up a length of about 150m, LED linear optical device winding. At night, the white light and shadow projected onto the ground and on the wall of the palace, like a deadly lightning, as if to the place where everything is split. The author hopes to modern meaning and nature of the "dialogue" efforts have been underestimated, enough to be injured in the sinews or bones. Through the sound control, this group of lighting works can be exchanged in any way to light up, can gradually light up, you can suddenly light up, while the latter is more in line with lightning temperament. The author hopes to use a visual style, is now already more and more become aggravated the "dialogue" form.


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