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Appreciation of "dwelling" lighting device

The works try to express the desire of the harmonious coexistence of human and nature through the language of light. The author fills the gap between the tree and the tree, filled with hundreds of PVC material of the flat circular "light sac". After the sun sets, the light bag exudes a warm yellow light, as if a piece of eggs waiting to be hatched by nature, pregnant with endless hope.

Appreciation of "dwelling" lighting device

The author hopes to narrate a story seems to be about Fireflies Firefly: never disappear in Beijing, those nights in the past, or because the light is too bright, or because they simply did not pay attention, will countless times and these small life pass by, without perception. This is life, you think you have lost something, but it is because of interference and become narrow. As long as the guardian of the most pure perception, one day, you will encounter a dream.


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