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The design and application of advanced control and regulation system for the lighting design of Saragossa Bridge

The bridge tunnel part of the first class to ensure the quality of space, but also to meet the flexibility in the subsequent use. The lighting mode is to install the projection light system between the steel frame and the wall layer of the bridge. All hidden lamps will not cause any glare, the upward exposure of the light through a bridge along the extension of the beam to form a reflection of the two reflection, to give the space a uniform and soft brightness. The perfect combination of design and architecture.

Bridge tunnel section

Cuoceng space at the bottom of the installation part, composed of fluorescent lights, the twists and turns of the lights can provide lighting, and framed tower bridge like shape freely flowing style of writing.

The linear LED installed on the ground can also be used as a light guide system. The so-called "artificial daylight" (Jin Ludeng) arranged on the top has the same double effect. The light guiding system which is closely connected with the building guides the people to reach the exhibition hall quickly. In the need to meet a variety of functions in the display area, the use of advanced control and regulation system to meet different needs.

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