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Saragossa: a new landmark building in Spain

When people see the famous architect Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid) 2008 Saragossa Spain World Expo (EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008) design across the Ebro River (EbroRiver) Bridge Pavilion (Bridge Pavilion), may wonder: This is really a bridge?

Bridge length 260m, the total area of 6415m2, based on deep 72.5m. The architect has broken the conventional design method of the bridge, the challenge to the integration of basic elements and elements of bridge tower construction, bridge completely different to bring people a impression. Clever use of small islands in the middle of the bridge to form the fulcrum of the bridge, the 4 cross each other to form a huge diamond shaped grid frame across the left and right sides of about 85m and 185m distance, the formation of 4 pods like unequal space. The flowing liquid shape echoes the theme of Expo: water and sustainable development". It is not only a gateway to World Expo, but also an important exhibition center. Indoor light changes unpredictable let people come to visit as if into a time tunnel, imperceptibly slowed down.

Saragossa Bridge Pavilion

From Austria, a company with more than thirty years of experience in lighting design company BartenbachLichtLabor and Zaha, Hadid, completed the entire building lighting design. The experienced team believes that the most important thing in the lighting design stage is to deal with the relationship between light and materials and building structure, and to meet the needs of people. By analyzing the structure of the building and the study of the theory of perceptual psychology, they decided to increase the intensity of artificial light, so as to avoid people in the narrow, closed "channel" in the sense of claustrophobic and depressed.

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