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Suzhou amorous feelings Street - Taicang amorous feelings Water Street sea embankment

Water Street Style - shipping is Suzhou Taicang Liuhe river embankment on a kilometer catering street, very unique, like villa, like parks, shops each one alone. There are fountains, gardens, bridges, bridges, etc.. It will be a good place to visit and enjoy food, but also a bright spot and a business card in Taicang.

Taicang amorous feelings of the sea embankment night

The water in the street style for the tourists and the public to entertain the public places one by one stage is one of the highlights, designers use stage design steel pedal water glass, water street highlights the modern style and technology flow direction, around the pool with CKLED 03L100M36 full-color LED lamp, lamp light and delicate, not tourists see the light-emitting surface, and the surface can appear bright and colorful color changes, LED microwave induction lamp glass pedal installed under random embellishment, whenever the dancers will emit various randomly generated by the beautiful color light pedal, the stage is more dynamic and adds a few surprises. Wall with a high power LED wall lamp, with obvious energy saving effect, in line with the current social needs of green, energy-saving.

Taicang amorous feelings of the sea embankment night

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