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The visual feast of Eiffel Tower There was no parallel in history. 120 anniversary celebration

In October 22, 2009, the mayor of Paris City, Eiffel Tower media development company chairman, President and the French city lighting management group president to the Paris show by the French city lighting management group for Eiffel Tower's 120 birthday in the design and construction of lighting and sound performance.

Karina, Carlena, Mei Mei, and (Jacpues) ()

Rouveyrollis (Bernard Smith), Schmitt (Bernard) and (Magnum) and other artists and designers together to design a unique celebration of Eiffel Tower. The lighting design requirements of the iron lady, the theme of the design: sustainable development.

Eiffel Tower 120 year old birthday celebration

There was no parallel in history. visual feast, gorgeous lighting, avant-garde technology, the original voice, designers use music and light reproduction of the Eiffel Tower was built in 120 years time. Starting from the base of the tower, through its steel structure bracket, beam, interchange until 324m high spire, with different lights show the establishment of the tower 3 different processes. Different colors of light also showed the different historical stages of the Eiffel Tower, from the initial use of Venice red, Gustave Eiffel Laboratory of trabecular metal by oxidation of rust colored to reddish brown, yellow ochre, until now the bronze LED light to show the color change of wonderful marks. The construction team consists of 250 workers realized the construction and industrial dream, light show through a music band accompaniment: rhythmic beat percussion sound, all kinds of small rivets of the beam and the workers' voices merged into a magnificent work of music.

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