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Water as the theme of the construction of Saragossa bridge lighting landscape appreciation

On the one hand, the utility model provides a non glare indirect illumination through the projection lamp arranged on the riverbank structure, and the bottom of the bridge is uniformly washed, and the perfect reflection is cast on the river surface. On the other hand, the interior, the overflow of light through the construction of the structure of the filter, so that the outer facade presents a glittering scale like texture and order of the United states. The bridge for the light design of "fade out" effect, so that the vessels from the river will not be lighting effects.

The indirect illumination of the light on the riparian structure

During the day, the warm sunshine of Spain through the facade of a chink to tower bridge, creating a lustrous and dazzling like world; nightfall, Tower Bridge under the lights sparkling like diamonds.

Night fell, the bridge pavilion in the light of the background, such as diamond crystal clear

In short, the water as the theme of the building because of the contrast of light and more vibrant, natural and smooth, is undoubtedly a major highlight of the World Expo, but also become a new landmark building in spain.


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