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The choice of lighting and lamps in the ballroom lighting

The dance hall can be divided into the performance area (stage), amusement area (floor), Rest Area (at the table) ornamental and channels, so the corresponding dance hall lighting system also includes the stage lights dance floor lightinggallery lighting and public area lighting.

The 1 stage lighting and lighting large formal opera lights is exquisite, comprises a surface light (in front of the stage at actor positive light), top light (above the stage at the actors and the overhead light, a row, two rows, three rows of top light), (left and right side shot from the stage face to the actor two ears of light), light curtain and sky light (the stage curtain vertical downward and upward vertical light), foot light (front stage on the underground shooting light, light (actor) from the top stage or the audience seat back or side to track the actor's light). Cara OK dance hall stage lighting is also derived from the opera theater stage lighting design, the design can be based on the functional requirements of the hall in the theater stage lighting settings to increase or decrease. For example, a large area of both stage show features used to surface light, top light, side light, sky light, curtain light and light. General Cara OK hall is only a small stage, the stage of the customer turns to sing. Pure disco only a small stage, so that the actors on the stage to jump to mobilize the atmosphere, the audience entertain customers. In such a situation, only the surface and top light, and even the top light can also be omitted. City class entertainment, fashion models as often performances, dance performances and other programs, mostly used to strip the stage structure of the seats with seat area in depth, so pay particular attention to the top light side light and light, especially should set the top row of different colors of light to reproduce gorgeous fashion color. No matter what kind of entertainment arena, surface light is essential, and the brightness should be enough. In the design, as far as possible to take high brightness, can be used to reduce the brightness according to actual needs. Therefore, in order to meet a certain artistic effect, stage lights commonly used dimming, color change method.

The stage lighting basically dominated the spotlight, they often use some light beam of the backlight, soft lights, floodlights, light rain and quartz lamp etc.. Quartz lamp is a kind of "mini" stage because of its good decoration, which is a popular trend. In addition to the various stages of the above basic lighting fixtures, but also the configuration of a number of computer lights and a variety of effect lights to meet different performance techniques.

2 dance floor lighting and lighting floor lighting is the focus of the entire hall lighting system. A general evaluation of the level of a song and dance hall lighting and artistic level, mainly based on the level of the dance floor lighting system. The design of the floor lighting has a fixed format to follow, the level and the level to a large extent reflected in the size of the investment. Investment in the same dance floor, according to the different design, low is a few thousand dollars, a few million high. Low lamp can be used thousands of yuan investment in the national production of several million, may be appropriate to use some imported lamps as the main light, with a number of domestic auxiliary lamps; hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars of investment can be used to import large quantities of lamps, focus and selection of lamps on the computer lights, each computer lamp price from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the number from 4 (with a controller) hundreds of branches, with the effect of every kind of other lamps. The dance floor lighting investment without what criteria, the key is in how to choose the investment for lighting and color collocation.

Dance floor lamps can be divided into two categories: the light and the effect of light. A lamp is of a fixed type lamps, such as the stage of the lamps and boundary lights, strobe, neon lamp, rainbow tube, snake lamp, a purple light tube, ray light pipe etc.. These lamps are often through the switch, walking light machine or lamp console control according to various occasions artistic effects need to turn luminescence or discoloration (with all kinds of color lamps). In the high-grade floor this kind of lamps not used much, but the snake lamp, rainbow tube, tube thunder light is often used as a floor lamp shed shape. Low-grade dance floor can choose more of this type of lamp, by walking lights, dimming, toning effect can also achieve a certain artistic effect.

Effects of the lamp design, color with a variety of changes. This kind of lamps and lanterns is divided into the whole movement type lamps and lanterns (mechanical control of the whole lamp rotation), the lens movement type lamps and lanterns (sound control, programmable control, the computer control lens movement to achieve the color change chart function). One of the more advanced lens movement. Lamps and lenses can be changed according to the needs of computer lights have come out. At present the whole movement type lamps are commonly used in the universe, neon lamp lamp, lamp box, Frisbee floating lights, turn lights the sky full of stars. The lens action type lamps have a "mini" moon lights, double sand head, double mirror cartoon lamp, magician, octopus, lamp, tunnel lamp, all things to all men computer lights, laser scanning lamp etc..

The choice of the dance floor lamps should be based on the variety of patterns, the color change is large, dynamic. Different types of entertainment, the dance floor lighting require different lighting requirements: ballroom dancing hall warm, romantic and mysterious, very light and often choose a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, slow turn, such as voice activated lights, computer lights, flashing lights with a strong rhythm and a frequency; the disco is exaggerated, exciting atmosphere stimulation, enthusiastic, and often choose dynamic flash lamps, such as a large number of frequency, and the computer light based, with the imitation of laser scanning lamp, lamp and other fingers; Cara OK hall, nightclub, club, etc. is a comprehensive combination of static and dynamic place, should be balanced. It is worth mentioning that the voice activated lights, computer lights are a-jack-of-all-trades, what occasions are applicable, in addition the lights in the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade effect of smoke is more beautiful, the general dance hall with one or more machines.

The distribution of the main dance floor lighting should consider the art form, also should pay attention to limits of "dynamic" and "static" to try to distinguish between the distribution of lamps should make the lighting effect of a riot of colours as evenly as possible exposure to the floor and highlight the warm, romantic and stimulating, exciting and vibrant atmosphere, but also should as far as possible to avoid the floor areas of strong light shone at the table. At the dock should keep a gentle, quiet and dark atmosphere, in order to facilitate the guests to rest and talk.

3 seats at the lights and lamps

Customers to enjoy the rest of the lighting area is relatively simple, in order to meet the requirements of the 5lx standard, pay attention to the uniform distribution of light to avoid glare glare. For example, if the lighting standard to calculate a 70m2 audience seating area needs the total power of 200W, then there are a variety of options can be used lamps:

(1) with a 200W floodlight;

(2) with 5 40W embedded downlight;

(3) with 14 15W embedded downlight etc.. The three comparison, the last one is certainly the best results, but the installation costs will be slightly higher, and the first program is no atmosphere to speak of. Therefore, the design is popular with embedded ceiling lamp, with a low number of white cross Jideng (or shaped fluorescent lamp) and voltage regulating device of dimming control. In order to create a variety of atmosphere, but also the addition of a number of purple tube, color light tube (some plants and flowers), quartz lamps or small spotlights (irradiation table furnishings, price list or wall decorations), quite characteristic. 4 channel area lights and lamps lighting lamp commonly used public channel. In a cascade railing or angular position, available string lights, rainbow tube, coil pipe to be decorated, so in addition to decorative effect, but also can avoid the guest lost stock. Emergency lights (such as cashier and emergency exit) and marker lights should be set at critical locations. The light intensity of the bar, canteen, cashier and other parts should be higher, using quartz lamp, track light, neon lamp, etc.. In the area of illumination design, it is appropriate to take a high value of light, and then installed on the local dimming equipment, the actual use can be flexibly adjusted according to needs.

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