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Selection of lighting fixtures and lighting control equipment for entertainment lighting

The arrangement of stage and floor light fixtures and the selection of lighting control equipment is a key issue in the combination of art and technology.

1 lamp assembly

To classify lamps is selected from the grouping grouping, art design considerations, such as the distribution of the collocation of color, light and suitable for expression of what kind of atmosphere, and then for the lights lit up at the same time (or color) for a group of parallel, with a switch (or lamp control table go, a group of contacts of the lamp machine) to control. The safety problem must also be considered in the marshalling process, which ensures that the total current (power) of the parallel lamps should not exceed the rated current value of the control switch or contact. Practice has proved that in the medium and small dance hall lights, such as packet can reach ten and twenty groups, can have strong expression and change; large hall, theater, stage lighting due to the complex, dozens or even hundreds of lights can meet the requirements of marshalling road often used.

2 lamp control equipment selection

The dance hall lighting control equipment includes air switch, switch board (such as 12), walking light machine (such as 4), a console program (such as the 16 Street console), a light (such as 24 dimming console) and special computer and lamp matching circuit lamp control device. They have their own characteristics, they are suitable for the control of different types of lamps and suitable for different occasions.

Air switch with good arc extinguishing and protection performance, rated current from 10A, 15A, 20A, until hundreds of security, forming a series. The air switch is not suitable for frequent on-off occasions, as the total area of the switch or switch, such as the floor, stage lamp switch, air conditioner, fan switch, is also useful for some not frequently operated lights (such as chasing lights, neon lights, the whole computer lamp switch).

Multi way switch board rated power of 1500 to 2000W. The utility model is suitable for controlling various types of lamps with changing functions, such as various types of rotary lamps, voice activated lights and various lamps (such as purple light pipes, smoke machines, etc.) without frequent operation.

Walking light machine is actually a simple program controller, suitable to control some lamps according to the fixed programming cycle change, such as string, snake lamp, rainbow hose lamp and stage cascade packet turn lights decoration lamp etc..

The light control desk has a plurality of functions, such as manual point moving (light touch switch), programmable control, voice control, etc.. The light control platform can be used as a substitute for the combined switch board to control various lamps which have the function of changing and no need of frequent operation. Light console control and sound control function can be used to control some of them have no change, only external lighting control equipment can produce the effect of changes, such as the composition of different patterns and different colors of the "light rain" group. It is worth noting that the program should not be used to control a variety of control functions, such as rotating lights, scanning lights and flashing lights with their own rotating function.

The dimming platform belongs to the higher grade control platform, in addition to the on-off control function, the other is provided with a plurality of silicon controlled dimming functions. It is usually the use of dimming control stage, the need to adjust the light in the dance floor, but they do not have a change in the function of the lamps, in order to create a different atmosphere.

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