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How to set the lighting in hospital wards

The general lighting of the ward can be selected with a high color fluorescent lamp, due to the illumination should not be too high, so the color temperature is also lower as well, and should prevent the patient from the supine view of the glare. Ward general lighting switch should be set outside the ward.

Fluorescent lamp ballasts should not be used for ordinary inductance ballast, the main consideration is the possibility of flashing at the start and the possible emergence of noise caused by the noise of the patient.

Bed should be equipped with a dedicated bedside wall lamp, and can be combined with the bedside multi-function control board, but should pay attention to its lighting range does not interfere with adjacent beds.

Whether or not the bed lighting needs to be set at night is not conclusive, but in order not to interfere with the rest of the patient, the illumination of the head should not be greater than 0.1lx.

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