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The key points of lighting design for high grade hotels

Hotel lighting should be aimed at different places through different brightness contrast efforts to create a fascinating atmosphere of the environment to avoid monotonous uniform lighting. At the same time, high lighting helps to enhance the activity and enhance the sense of urgency and low light intensity should be relaxed, quiet and romantic feeling.

Hotel lighting both visual operation requirements of high places (such as desk, cashier, etc.) and does not require high places (such as conference), the lighting schemes of different visual tasks together, and with these exercises in aesthetics and exotic aspects of harmony.

The guest room is the core of the hotel, the room lighting should be considered temporary temporary reading needs, but also to avoid the annoyance and discomfort to the guests. Room set wall can decorate the room for the active atmosphere, but the room equipment renewal, more adjustment of furniture layout and other unfavorable factors, especially the wall installation position is not accurate enough, lamp selection is not the time, the more and the interior decoration design is not very harmonious, but the guest room to avoid occupy the limited space of the bedside lamp on the bedside table. Should be combined in the headboard on the furniture, and can move horizontally. Room sound insulation problems should be given enough attention, especially adjacent rooms on the partition wall of various types of sockets and the corresponding installation of the box, we must take measures to sound insulation.

Room bedside lighting should be used to adjust the light, the room should be equipped with a standby lighting channel. Room lighting should prevent discomfort glare and light reflection, set in the office desk lamp brightness should not be greater than 510cd/m2. The door of the guest room should be equipped with an energy saving controller to cut off all the power supply of the refrigerator and the channel.

The lighting mirror room and bathroom mirror, the lamp should be installed in the field of solid angle other than 60 degrees (i.e. the horizontal line of sight and a mirror intersection point as the center, a radius of more than 300mm), the lamp brightness should not be greater than 2100cd/m2. when the light detector with the illuminance meter against not measured in the lamp, the illumination is less than 6500lx. Adjacent to the surface of the mirror should not be less than 50%. reflection coefficient of bathroom lighting control should be located outside the bathroom.

If the bathroom needs to set up infrared or far infrared heating facilities, the power should not be greater than 300W, and should be equipped with 0--30min timing switch.

The lighting of the hall should be improved by the vertical illumination, and should be adjusted with the change of the indoor illumination (affected by natural light).

The lighting should be adopted in the banquet hall, and the illumination should be considered to meet the requirements of color tv. The utility model is suitable for the light lifting boom which can be freely used for small performances, and the light control should be operated in the hall and light control.

Equipped with the infrared wireless simultaneous interpretation system of the multi-function hall lighting, when the use of thermal radiation source, the illumination should not be greater than 500lx.

The roof of the hall of illumination, in the viewing time is less than 0.5lx.

The hotel lobby, lobby lounge, public buildings, ladder hall, public corridors, rooms and outdoor places such as garden aisle floor lighting, should be at the service desk (general service desk or the corresponding service station) for centralized remote control, but also control room floor corridor lighting on the spot.

Emergency lighting should be used in the evacuation staircase of the hotel.

The hotel's lounge, dining room, tea room, coffee shop and fast food restaurant, etc. should be equipped with ground socket and lamp advertising socket.

Outdoor tennis court swimming pool, should be equipped with normal lighting, at the same time should be set to kill the lights (or insecticide).

Underground garage entrance should be equipped with lighting.

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