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The Danish Neibaur highway bridge lighting Transformation: second lighting technique analysis

Second kinds of lighting, known as the "atmosphere lighting", that is, the use of green light source to support the structure of the bridge lighting. In the part of the railway bridge with a V column, a linear LED lamp is set at the top of the bridge deck, and the structure of the V type is guaranteed to be within the angle of the light projected. The light will illuminate its internal structure completely, but also take into account the front and rear two elevation. Although the V structure of the bridge is not installed on the LED lamp, but there is enough light to illuminate the entire bridge, and even on the road will have a strange green light environment.

The Danish Neibaur highway bridge lighting renovation

Second road bridge column also has a unique shape. They are long cylinders, flat on both sides. Each side is illuminated by a linear LED luminaire mounted on top of the bridge deck. These LED lamps can be uniformly vertical structure according to green, and escape from enough light in the first bridge will be able to see these strange green. "The environment created by the green light is quite attractive, and can be well connected with the surrounding countryside, while strengthening the process of passing through. "The designer painted" as passers-by after the bridge, the light and shadow between the columns reminiscent of shadow in the trees. "

The lighting design concept of the two bridges is far beyond the scope of functional lighting. The lights have successfully highlighted the danger of the column, making the road safer. From the design point of view, the designer plays a dangerous game: the green light and the projected pattern, which is not the public's expectations for road lighting.

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