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Landmark building in Stockton County, UK: unlimited Bridge

The aim of the design is to create a landmark building as part of the Stockton north shore area recovery project. The resulting pedestrian overpass, now connected to the north bank and the south bank, provides more convenience for the region's business and employment.

Designed by Expedition Engineering, a slender bridge across the river tees, draw a unique profile. 230m long concrete trail by a pair of asymmetric steel arch support steel arch, it looks like lightly over the river, like a stone rubbing over water. Speirs and Major Associates (SaMA) design of lighting, making the iconic double arch reflected in the water at night, the formation of a mathematical symbol "infinite (infinite)" infinite bridge hence the name.

Stockton Bridge

The designer makes the blue light reflected from the water to the bottom of the deck, forming a blue area above the water. Cold white light is used to reveal the shape of the building, creating a wave of floating in the roof above the same feeling.

Stockton Bridge

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