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China Tianjin Haihe Dagu bridge lighting engineering appreciation

Dagu bridge is located in the core area of Tianjin, Heping District, Hebei District junction. Bridge length 154m, width 30 - 59M, width of 30 - 59M, the width of 24m. The design concept of the Dagu bridge is "the sun and the moon", which is made up of two asymmetric arch rings, the big arch ring, symbolizing the sun. Sun and moon in the giant double arch arch arch arc length 140m, outward tilt of 18 degrees; arch arc length 116m small arch, outward tilt of 22 degrees, which consists of 88 booms on both sides of the bridge, a viewing platform and bridge extending relative. According to reports, the design of the full name of the asymmetric floating joint beam tied arch bridge, so far in the world seven is unique.

China Tianjin Haihe Dagu bridge lighting engineering appreciation

The original Dagu bridge landscape lighting effect due to the use of time, resulting in more than 30% decline. At the same time, in order to reflect the design concept of Dagu bridge "sun and moon", through the transformation of the golden bridge full of sun and moon theme.

China Tianjin Haihe Dagu bridge lighting engineering appreciation

First of all, the lighting design is to remove the original lamps and install a narrow beam projection lamp (400W / 250W / 150W) on each boom. Lighting apparatus of different power and reflector, through on-site testing, sorting in installation position and angle measurement, and the luminance meter, the average surface brightness in the positive and negative guarantee does not exceed 5%, to ensure the bridge on the surface of the uniform luminance. Under the bridge to install a small amount of light to add lighting. Due to the structural design of the small ring side, a part of the dark area is formed. To supplement the illumination uniformity, set up two sets of 6m high lamp installed light irradiation, the new face of the completion of the Dagu Golden Bridge "sun and moon".


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