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Analysis of Stockholm Arlanda airport corridor lighting project

Swedish Ljusarkitektur is a good use of the color of the design team, and sometimes quite bold, probably because the Nordic design style has always been simple, since ancient times for warmth and light of the pursuit, in Ljusarkitektur's works, the color of light as a design language only, is the expression of the most simple, pure, extreme. When the Ljusarkitektur in the face of the Stockholm Arlanda airport narrow channel, they saw a light projection in the northern sky, they will this passage as the incarnation of a northern lights, will transfer the Nordic enthusiasm to the world.

This passage long 212m, connect 2, 3, 4 navigation station building, the project combines the art of light and music in the form of sound Urban Sound lnstitute (USIT) with the completion of the. The color film on the glass window is arranged according to the spectral color. In the concept of lighting design concept at the beginning of the designers to take into account the different light during the day and night will bring experience, lighting design not only exists in the night the lights lit, there is in every corner of the sun in the daytime......

Arlanda airport, Stockholm, Sweden

During the day, natural light through a stained glass window, filtered into color, penetrate into the channel; at night, by adding color filter material in fluorescent lamps, color light over nature as the horizon of the aurora borealis, mysterious and charming.

The designer explained, "this passage can change with the sunrise and sunset, from day to night to dawn, to the people here through the strong sense of time and space, a wonderful transition. People can smell the taste of northern Europe through it, but also to further appreciate the twilight of the Nordic Light, and those 'blue time', and even listen to the sound of the northern lights...... "

In the Ljusarkitektur painted a different color in the fiery temperament, seemingly strong, but with a little cold coagulation taste and elegant texture, which is probably unique to Scandinavia Scandinavia atmosphere, has long been engulfed in the darkness of the ice and snow underground and gave birth to the expectation and bright and warm I hope, in the Nordic people's minds, the ends of the world is the opposite of ice and fire, like the long and cold night flashed the beautiful northern lights, everywhere exciting.

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