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Case study of lighting project of Kaohsiung MRT station

Beautiful island station is located in the Zhongshan Road and in the way of the rendezvous port, an important transport hub for the red line and the orange line intersection, at the same time, the station is also one of the largest Kaohsiung MRT station. The attempt to create an image of the night landmark.

Kaohsiung MRT station

Beautiful island station is the transfer line of Kaohsiung MRT Red Line and orange line, is also the largest circular underground station structure in Southeast asia. Located in the main entrance on the ground, is composed of four fan-shaped glass structure, the sector structure form of the inspiration comes from the prayer "praying" image. The case within the light illumination means to emphasize the curve of tension of these glass structure, metal reflector and hanged on the inside cover, is not only the important indoor decorative elements, more uniform light reflection to the function in the space.

Kaohsiung MRT station

At the same time, the station is installed in the basement of the light dome, is currently the world's largest stained glass art, this is the biggest challenge of lighting to create a uniform backlight system, so that every detail of the glass can be clearly displayed. Overall, the task of this case is to make the architectural design and lighting fully integrated, and to complete the concept of architectural design as the goal.

Kaohsiung MRT station


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