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Take time every day to look at the video - a lighting designer of the old words from the bottom of the heart

The author is engaged in lighting design and related work in some years, in this really not what learning materials, thanks to a smattering of the website in a foreign country for a long time continuous bubble, then there are a lot of domestic slowly or Oriental pioneer learning, or to learn. Such as Xu Dongliang, Li Nong and other industry experts. About 05 years later, the country started the lighting industry, the gradual rise of learning materials. From drawings, renderings, animation, and so on, especially the reference materials of Aladdin's website is becoming more and more abundant.

In so many years, for me is a very profitable lighting video works continuously, reference experts, all kinds of lighting video, landscape lighting, architectural lighting or video or video, road lighting, indoor or outdoor all have the opportunity to go as far as possible, also click foreign website see video, foreign lighting light show and so on.

Learning lighting design, classic works must be observed

However, for now, the source of the domestic lighting less, several companies have the strength to do a good thing is very good, but it is covered in the hard disk, refused to release. Lead to Aladdin, China lighting network or such lighting video information is rare, almost No. Then what shall I do? One day I went to the East West Point bored Kai Ming Lighting Network, there is a plate, called lighting video, inside this video really is relatively wide, from the expert interview, lighting scheme, photographing, 3D light show everything, opened the play, the original video is lighting from the various video sites inside collect, collate and come. I really appreciate the editor of this website, so that I caught a lot of the latest and best lighting design.

Oh, forgot to say, as well as Xu Dongliang, Li Nong, as well as several domestic gangster interview video also arranged inside. It was pretty good. Studied.

I am from a qualification of the older (though little known in the industry) progress method, lighting designers discuss designers hope to play a valuable role, such as a peer needs to communicate, please give some praise, we contact a lot, Shenzhen designer heart words.

In order to make you more intuitive understanding, I am in this page screen.

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