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What materials should be prepared for lighting project tender?

The following is required to produce the lighting engineering tender:

(1) tender technical standard and economic standard of lighting engineering construction;

(2) technical standards including the qualifications of the tendering units; lighting engineering distribution

(3) business license, the legal representative of the authorized documents and by the client identity;

(4) construction organization design (according to the tender drawings); transformer installation engineering

(5) construction organization design for the project organization structure, and promised to bid in the bidding commitments assigned projects and other technical personnel.

This is the economic standard integrated unit project bidding, signing the contract after winning the bid and the owner, if the lump sum is according to the tender quotation of construction, no increase, if the contract is contract according to the comprehensive price, that is to tender the comprehensive price, according to actual engineering quantity in real settlement. Transformer installation engineering

Tender cover template:


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