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People choose home lighting Raiders

In the modern Home Furnishing life, lighting effect is not confined to lighting, lighting is a piece of art, a decoration, with the improvement of people's lifestyle, the lighting requirements are also gradually improve, but Xiaobian remind consumers in the choice of lighting must be "because the system lighting in the art processing, should be carried out according to the overall artistic conception of space, choose the suitable Home Furnishing style material, color and light type etc..

Lighting on different materials on the light through the transmission, reflection, absorption, diffusion, will produce a different "texture" to the indoor space and artistic atmosphere of the visual effect is completely different. Such as the magic of the crystal lamp bright, set off the luxury style; gold-plated copper lamp simple and elegant, to show the European style; the use of chrome plated, nickel plated metal lamp cold penetration of a quiet, with a strong sense of modernity. The color of the lamp should obey the color of the whole room.

In order not to destroy the whole room color design, we must pay attention to the interaction of light and color. In order to increase the effect of space, enrich and improve some of the requirements of modeling, the use of light changes, distribution to create a variety of visual functions. Use light colors and fabrics, curtains and platform for virtual space to the interior space, the formation of attractive visual region. We now look at how to use the light source to increase indoor temperature and create an atmosphere, the appropriate mix, for the family to add a sense of warmth in winter.

Understand the basic knowledge of home lighting, in order to have a clear choice of home lighting. Here are five raiders:

First, the bedroom lighting options: the key is the atmosphere of the bedroom is the rest of the privacy of the private space, the bedroom design is the main point of soft lighting, so as to ensure the relaxation of the owner's mood. The bedroom lighting to warm and warm yellow as the keynote, to avoid the use of indoor "our unit" the only big lighting. At the same time, the top of the bed can be embedded in the wall lamp or wall lamp, but also can be decorated in the decoration of the cabinet lighting, so that the room more romantic atmosphere. In addition, according to the interior decoration style and personal preferences to choose the appropriate light source color, in winter with yellow, red, purple is the most appropriate. High color temperature light source will be a bright and fresh theme, the use of high color temperature light source in the case of low illumination will make the room appear pale. Night lamp lamp more often than considerate.

Two, the living room lighting options: the theme is bright living room is a place to receive, so the light must be sufficient. Light canopy lighting has a dual role of lighting and decorative lighting, because there is no light and bare, the indoor space is complete and no glare, light canopy light in space distribution is uniform and soft, so you can create a warm feeling. It should be noted that the light is generally located along the ceiling or wall around, so as to form a four week bright, dark ceiling extends the visual effect. In this way, even if the ceiling is not too low, but also to ensure that the entire space is shrouded in a soft light, giving a warm feeling.

Three, corridor lighting options: brightness invariant families will ignore the lighting design in this area, but also the corridor lighting collocation is very elegant, corridor lighting collocation can affect the style of the decoration reflects the whole family. Such as with exotic style shell wall lamp and meteorite wall, not only play the role of auxiliary lighting, but also a beautiful home accessories. In addition, if the corridor is too long, it is recommended at the top with natural light spotlights, and wall lamp lighting must be consistent with the overall style of the family.

Four, the bathroom lighting options: dim bathroom mostly uses the color combination of sexy lighting low Caiduo, smart degrees to bring clean and refreshing atmosphere, the use of color to bathroom facilities color, wall color is consistent, so that the whole bathroom has a "XX" sense of unity. Therefore, the overall bathroom lighting lamps do not have too much, that is, some of the hazy, as long as there are a few emphasis can be. In the choice of lighting lamps, the general should be selected on the overall incandescent lamp, soft enough to light up. Because the bathroom lighting switch frequently, the choice of incandescent light source to do more electricity, but also the face of people, in addition to the natural light, it is in the light of the Yellow light. The lamp beside the mirror must be set independently, as local lighting, the lighting lamp optional to mirror decals yellow ", in order to increase the spacious and fresh feeling, but also easy to find the makeup of the tiny flaw.

Five, kitchen lighting options: simple and comfortable kitchen is a place to cook, try not to put it too fancy, it is best to choose their own lighting cabinet. From energy conservation considerations, do not place too much lighting, in addition to the installation of intelligent switches. Generally do not use ceiling light, because it does not light, only astigmatism, it should not be installed in the kitchen. Try to choose a light warm light, this light is very beautiful. Modern cabinets metal color lamp collocation more good-looking, classical style kitchen lamp and ceiling should be the same color; no matter what style of the kitchen, the lights are to choose simple shapes, glass, stone, iron and other materials collocation tiles are good.

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