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Sydney's unique charm, stage and audience

The city of Sydney is on the verge of the sea. The waterfront is a park for the rest of the public. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea, but also to look at the contours of the city. Therefore, the public can live in the sea as a luxury. Here the night is endemic to Sydney, it is different from the other big city that from a height to see the night view, is not usually in the commercial street common night scene, watch the night scene here is like sitting in the theater audience to see the stage lights shine. The protagonist is not the towering AMP tower, but the light was bright as day of Sydney Opera House.

The top of the opera house is located in the Cape, shell structure of incandescent light from both sides projecting directly to the opera on the pavement surface structure of white tiles are illuminated, the strange scene than skyscrapers and harbour bridge lights to give the impression of a more profound.

Brilliant opera are reflected in the water, lighting and the other side of the urban forest echoed the edifice. Here as a stage, but also the water and the lights of the urban area cleverly integrated into a wonderful panorama. Tourists sit in the water, watching the preoccupied picturesque night, listening to the sound of the surf ear, was intoxicated with the southern hemisphere summer night. From the beach into the building of the urban area, the streets are lit by the light.

George street in the middle of the goddess of victory building is an old Department store. From the tourist photos, here the street lighting is the use of orange high pressure sodium lamp. In fact, the whole street has now been installed on the halogen lamp, halogen lamp effect than mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp tonal effect is much better. Lamp ball made of aluminum, with the flag emblem. Located in the street on both sides of the road, a distance of 28 meters, the width is 18 meters (one lane is 10 meters). Up to the sidewalk 100 lux illumination. On the same side of the road and some of the streets are also installed on the ball metal halide lamp lighting facilities.

The downtown area was originally the bustling downtown of Sydney, and many buildings were being renovated on the eve of the opening of the Olympic Games, and some of the newly built facilities were under construction. At the same time, paved on the sidewalk are all replaced by a new, and even the phone booth has become the object of the transformation and upgrading. Like this city to carry out large-scale infrastructure construction, will make Sydney more beautiful, the night view of Sydney will become brighter and more brilliant, will attract people around the world come here for sightseeing, also will further accelerate the pace towards Sydney in twenty-first Century.

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