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Opera House, Sydney

The landscape lighting in Sydney is mainly focused on the opera house and the adjacent Harbour Bridge

In December 1998, when Tokyo was in the cold winter, busy preparing for Christmas, we arrived in early summer in Sydney. Sydney with its famous opera house and Harbour Bridge and other beautiful waterfront landscape attracts numerous visitors. As one of the three most beautiful ports in the world, Sydney has developed a lot of water landscape, and achieved great success. With the 2000 Olympic Games as an opportunity, Sydney's urban construction has made rapid development, more and more attention to the world.

In Sydney, we have high expectations for the city's landscape lighting. It turns out that nothing ever let us down. For the first time, we see the sun that must face the north. Especially at night, the lights flashing in the water to the city's face and put on a new luster, in the early summer, we spent a happy christmas.

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