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Meeting room lighting design should grasp what points?

The lighting of the meeting room shall be provided with sufficient vertical illumination to reveal the facial details of all participants. Generally speaking, the vertical illumination of the back window is not less than 300lx.

The lighting of the meeting room shall be provided with sufficient level of illumination in the meeting room, so as to ensure that the participants can read the meeting documents conveniently and quickly and make relevant records.

In order to effectively improve the attention of participants, the meeting table area and the surrounding area of the illumination value should be more obvious difference, the optional ratio of 300/150lx or 500/200lx.

In order to adapt to the needs of the slide show or electronic presentation, should be in the conference room, room lighting design to consider dimming control or set up centralized control system, and set up several different lighting program.

Small conference room, negotiation room lighting should choose a lower color temperature light source, appropriate to create a friendly, pleasant atmosphere, ease the psychological pressure and easy to communicate with each other. In addition, small meeting room as entirely direct light distribution lamps mounted on the top of the lighting scheme, the possibility of human face illumination is not complete, so we can adopt appropriate wall lighting, indoor vertical illuminance distribution, and can relieve the oppression of the small conference.

Equipped with a dedicated master table or a side of a large background of the large conference hall, it is appropriate to use the installation of overhead lighting and the installation of auxiliary lighting, and the average vertical illumination on the platen 300lx not less than 1.5m.


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