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How to set a few tips for commercial lighting

Commercial lighting includes general lighting, key lighting, window lighting, duty lighting, standby lighting and emergency lighting.

General lighting can be designed according to the level of illumination, but the vertical layout of the goods on the shelves should be considered vertical illuminance. The illumination of the key lighting shall be 3-5 times of that of the general illumination, and the illuminance of the illumination in the counter shall be 2-3 times of that of the general illumination. By the general lighting and local lighting should not be less than 500lx.

Commercial lighting should be used for high color rendering, long life light source, such as three primary fluorescent lamp, high color sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, etc., at the same time should be able to absorb the radiation source of light.

For use in natural light goods, such as cloth, clothing and cosmetics counters, with high color (color index greater than 80) of the light source; and for glass, precious stones, precious metals and other types of display counters, should use the high brightness light source.

The window lighting should be used with shading grille or diffused luminaire. The lamp with shading grille mounted on the top of the window height is greater than 3m, the light shielding angle of not less than 30 degrees; the installation height is less than 3m, lamp shielding angle should be 45 degrees above. The illumination of outdoor window should be 2 - - 4 times, even more.

On the jewelry, jewelry and other valuables business office should be set on duty lighting and standby lighting. Shopping malls should be equipped with emergency lighting, to avoid power supply can not be interrupted to maintain general lighting in the normal power supply, ensure the safety of export lamp, emergency lamp evacuation direction indicator lamp and an important place to work, to ensure the safety of.

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