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How can the lighting of brand franchise store help to create a brand atmosphere?

Store is very sensitive to the trend and attention. In order to expand the influence of the brand, we should strive to create a unique space, therefore, lighting design must take into account the store's business philosophy, product characteristics and decoration effects and other factors.

The lighting design store to try to charm of goods as far as possible to show up, therefore, should make full use of key lighting, lighting is a key point to lighting, using directional light to highlight specific goods, or to a local customer's attention to the vision, lighting can be a key a spot to achieve the purpose, it will form a commodity and its background, or the contrast between goods and goods, using directional lighting, the lighting design must be combined with the general lighting, to make the items of shape or surface texture and color is more prominent. The light reflected from the smooth surface of the light spot, can also form a flicker phenomenon, and produce brilliant artistic effect.

At the same time, the store's taste and taste, so the store environment lighting should adapt to certain types of customers demand, reduce the illumination level of general lighting, so that the overall environment to keep quiet and fresh feeling, can make people maintain a certain distance between the fresh and quiet, let the distance produces brand effect.

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