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What are the basic problems in the field of sports competition?

Sports stadium lighting is an important function of sports lighting. We should create a good environment, in order to make the athletes focus and give full play to the competitive level, the referee can quickly and accurately judge, so that the audience can easily enjoy the technical movement of athletes, which makes the color television picture vivid.

The sports venue construction lighting quality mainly depends on the illumination level (horizontal and vertical illuminance), illumination uniformity, color and glare control degree and stereoscopic effect, and accordingly to evaluate. Different sports have different requirements on the lighting environment. Specific data can be in accordance with industry standards "stadium lighting design and testing standards," the provisions of the implementation.

The sports venue construction lighting should also take several control mode, in order to have the game (TV broadcast, no TV broadcast), training, cleaning or assembly of different functional requirements, provide the environment to adapt to the light.

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