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Sydney, Australia, the edge of the display lighting design creativity

Sydney is now on the coast of the water is formed through long-term development. The original by the rock piled up on the pier and the pier on the perennial damp moldy warehouse group, in the large-scale renovation has completely changed the face. From the rocks at the opera house until the circular dock waters at night, eventually become the most exciting city in Sydney area. There is also a newly developed port of Darin, you can walk in the Darin harbor on the wooden platform, and can also look at the other side of the noisy commercial district.

The settings are column lamp with a diameter of 600 mm spherical transparent lampshade, built-in polycarbonate reflector, the light reflected to the ground. The transparent lampshade makes it impossible for people to see it during the day, but in the morning and evening when the sun is hanging in the air, the golden color appears on the lampshade. The mirror in the lamp is divided into two types: mirror surface and spray coating. The mirror is used to direct the light to the ground, and the process of making a mirror can make the light softer. These should be based on the location of the environmental conditions.

Although the lighting is also accompanied by the continuous evolution of the money, but the Sydney Opera House still incandescent as the main lighting source. Halogen lamp with long life for the new environment and new facilities area.

Sydney opera as the center of the edge of the coast in the form of a unified three-dimensional spherical lamp, careful planning, clever ideas, so that the water environment is very harmonious.

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