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Buenos Aires - two faces of day and night

To the South American continent, for the majority of the members of the delegation is the first time. The plane left the United States, after 3 hours of flight, arrived in Argentina, the capital of Buenos Aires. It is located on the back of Japan on earth, but, like Japan, is a warm and humid country, but the opposite of the season. From the United States to here, 3 hours of time, they experienced a process from winter to summer.

European architecture

The history of the long - standing colony of Spain as the host country kept Argentina in close contact with europe. After several twists and turns, in 1835, Argentina finally got rid of the colonial rule of Spain, cloth independence, the establishment of a republic. After the founding of the people's Republic of Argentina, shouted 'to build Buenos Aires into South America, Paris,' the slogan. Here even after 400 years of colonial period, but very few old buildings, especially the center of this district is listed as the object of study of the St. Nicola area and Mengselatuo area, Street Division is very unique. All 100 meters flat grid structure, it is easy to find the distance from the map. When asked about the road, the answer is also the unit of the paragraph (Katura) value.

There is no outdoor advertising like Paris, so a large number of billboards on the roof everywhere. From the external walls of the building also extended to the street a lot of iron bracket. We have also noticed that the facilities in the streets are varied. Such as street lights, garbage bins, advertising racks, coffee tables and periodicals, etc..

The world's widest Street

The main goal of our visit in July 9th. The street from north to south, a total length of 2 km, from downtown through 23 lanes, including green belt and trail, and the full width of 1 Komi, called the world. Its width is two times the Paris Champs Elysees street, the road is 20 - 70 lux illumination, with similar Champs Elysees street. This is the standard value of the flourishing street in the developed countries to date.

If in accordance with the formula in this way 50 meters wide lane, the lighting column height should be 30 meters. From the service management point of view, this is not convenient, so the actual height is only half, which is called smart meters. Set the interval of 25 meters, the density increased by a factor of 1, of course, because of the height of the reasons for the decrease. As a result, the ratio of height to spacing becomes 1:1.6 normal should be 1:3 or 1:4. From the density of lighting can also be listed as the world's first.


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