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Sleepless nights in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, like Spain and Italy and other Latin countries, like the city, also have the habit of siesta. Shops and authorities from noon to 3 p.m. this period of time to close the ammonia corresponding to this, restaurants, cafes and bars to start business. The crowd in Florida l km long streams of people busily coming and going shopping street. There are suits businessmen, but also from South America around the tourists. In his movie street and Florida street intersection pull on the same person as the tide.

Compared with the crowded and noisy conditions of the day, the night scene is another one, and the restaurant opens at 8 in the evening until midnight. Dining out at night is the common interest of the people of Buenos Aires, some couples two people, but also some friends. This habit is often seen in Spain and Italy.

In the city of Buenos Aires Florida pull Paget Kulusi area, like Tokyo at Shinjuku Kabuki street, there are five Bu color ads, bright lights all around the store lost. Only store and advertisements have 200 lux illumination. The best part of the night scene in Buenos Aires, it seems, is not the world's widest street in July 9th and the 74 meter high obelisk, but this is still bustling bustling commercial street in the middle of the night. As the night grew stronger, the age structure of the pedestrians on the street became younger and younger.

The public lighting here is suspended on both sides of the construction of the external wall of the cable on the magic. In addition to Avenida street is outside the bar street, the street all use catenary lighting. In Florida, La Paget Kulusi region generally to high pressure sodium lamp as the light source, there are some areas of the white metal halide lamp color effect.

The catenary of lighting, the lighting effect of commercial street is greatly improved, up to 21 0 lux). Compared with Japan, the main street, including the main street in July 9th, has more than two times the intensity of public lighting, which can be called "bright street".

Because around Buenos AI and Adams city still can't find a bird's-eye view of the city's high, so we take this opportunity to leave an aircraft return night. After taking off the plane circled around Buenos Aires City, looking down from the plane, that view than from these Observatory observed much more open. Backed by the vast expanse of grassland in the city, a row of houses arranged in neat and orderly manner, the street extends all the way to the outskirts of the ranch.

Buenos Aires's public lighting from the aerial view is not the difference between the center and the edge of the region. The street lights are all in the same density, with the same bright lights everywhere.

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