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Lighting design of library reading room

The library is a place where books are read. According to the standard of illumination of JIS, the illuminance of the reading room should be 200 - 75Olx, because the reading room is a place where all the young and old can read.

Reading room is usually separated by low partition, there are more cases of the table, we should pay attention to avoid the shadow of the partition so that the table becomes dark. The utility model can be used as a light emitting ceiling without direction, and the target illumination is used on the table.

The book on the shelf, sometimes need to look at the word printed on the back of the book. The bottom shelf of the book is about 10 cm away from the ground, and the book is about Zm. I hope the shelves of the above 300lx illumination, Xu from the top shelf under irradiation will produce poor illumination. Design to ensure that the central shelf at 300 lx.

If the use of linear lighting should be chosen in parallel or vertical direction with the bookshelf, Bree, or light top Xu way.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, the architectural design should be fully considered, but if the bookshelf is low or top Xu high, no matter how the lighting design features are almost the same.

The library also has a retrieval system for searching books, providing audio-visual equipment. The museum is also equipped with monitors, according to the purpose of the use of various systems. In order to avoid glare interference monitor screen viewing, select the lattice type lamp or other Zelda countermeasures are lighting design should consider the problem.


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