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Today search on some light design information, inadvertently found the lights is a drug that said, as a light years design experience designers, I really feel wronged ah, do I have become an accomplice? The light itself to bring light, not only do not praise the lights also said the lights are drugs? I believe Edison heard the dumbfounding, right? Do you drink too much water, but also to blame the water is a bad guy? Could not help on the forum release xiesifen, everybody don't mind ~ ~ ~

First of all can not be ignored is that now there are still a lot of abuse, misuse of the phenomenon of light light, led to the emergence of the so-called artificial daylight. This is the place where our designers should be deeply reflected in the design should pay attention to the harmony between man and light.

Then, it is the premise of the light is a drug - the long-term exposure to light, excessive contact, etc.. This is the people do not make good use of light, too dependent on the results of light ah, why not with the light ah? It's not the light that's causing a chemical reaction...... From the perspective of harmonious living environment, Home Furnishing light is an ideal combination of natural and artificial light, this niche or a piece of advice, all 2 hours of sunshine every day, morning not early to sunshade up, every time I see early in the morning to get the girls to Chaoyang outside the umbrella, I sigh: Unfortunately, such a good nutrition, sunlight sterilization, can produce vitamin D, can improve immunity, lots of benefits! If you don't get off work early, don't start to live a short life, breathe the air outside, feel the sunshine, how beautiful the life is! This will certainly not appear in the house of the insomnia, depression, ah, ah, ah, what the symptoms of "light poisoning". People used to live a good life? Light is not a drug, is the modern people will become a real drug lights......

In addition, especially in home design, some of the strong light does not appear in their own home, after all, the house is not a hotel, do not make a magnificent. Which lights are suitable for which the relevant discussion. Personally feel that home is not a place to talk about ostentation and extravagance, the most important thing is warm, suitable for people to live. Interior lighting is best not more than 3 kinds of color, light, soft, light and gas is the main factor to judge whether the residential livable. There is now a young couple even with small BB still love late, the children fell asleep after, continue night life. Do not know the light will have a great psychological impact on children......

Finally, to remind, in the lighting design industry, a lot of high-tech products have emerged, changes the role of traditional polishing on the human body, you can also affect the long bright and light irradiation direction and time. The lamp said, "well, look at the two of us! "Ha ha ha, laughing...)... As the system can automatically adjust the light according to the weather conditions of Japan's "new subway 1000 lines on the lighting control, China LED commercial lighting light LED intelligent products in the brand LEDIA lighting research and development, according to the human body induction, simulation of 24 hours of sunlight, to meet different application requirements, environmental groups. These are great advances in the field of light. The light is moving towards more and more humane progress, said that the drug is really a big grievance......

Please good designers can design the lights, let the lamp in the location, users use lights, let the light comes at the right time for it! Do not let the light too wronged! The light itself is not wrong!


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