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Structure of halogen tungsten lamp

A halogen tungsten lamp can be made by adding a trace amount of halogen or other compounds to the gas filled with inert gas. The structure of the lamp is shown in Figure 2, figure 4, which is much smaller than that of incandescent lamp. In order to distinguish the structure, halogen tungsten lamp has a long tube (double ended), cylindrical (Dan Duan), with a dielectric film reflector three types of cold reflection.

Halogen lamp is mainly based on the use of tungsten halogen cycle agent. By using the chemical action of halogen and tungsten, the tungsten atoms evaporated from the tungsten wire and deposited on the bubble shell return to the filament to improve the luminous efficiency of the lamp.

The basic form of cyclic reaction of tungsten halogen:

Type W - tungsten atom;

X - halogen atom;

WXn tungsten halogen compounds

Halogen cycle agent commonly used I: Hl, BBr, CH3, ICI: Br, CHZB, HBr, (state BrZ). Etc..

Halogen tungsten halogen tungsten incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp on the basis of improved. According to the different people in charge of halogen bulb, can be divided into Australia and tungsten tungsten lamp. Sniffing the tungsten lamp light efficiency than 4% - 5% high iodine tungsten lamp, the color temperature is also improved. Compared with incandescent bulbs, halogen lamp, has the advantages of small volume, power concentration, stability, good color and luminous efficiency of light is high (about 21lW) and long service life, its color is good, color is especially suitable for television lighting, and for painting, photography and building lighting etc.. It is more sensitive to voltage fluctuation, poor shock resistance.

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