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Structure and composition of incandescent lamp

The incandescent lamp is made according to the principle of thermal radiation, which uses the filament heated to incandescence to emit visible light. The structure of the lamp is shown in Figure 2. 2. It requires high melting temperature, low evaporation rate, good radiation selectivity, good mechanical properties and high temperature. Tungsten filament. The filament structure is mainly composed of a single screw and a double helix, and the special lamp is sometimes in the form of a three helix.

An incandescent bulb is a heat radiating light source that is heated by a tungsten filament when the filament is heated. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, good color rendering, convenient use and good light adjusting performance. The utility model is suitable for the lighting of daily life, the lighting of the industrial and mining enterprises, and the lighting of the stage and the stage. However, the luminous efficiency of ordinary lighting bulbs is very low, only 7.3 - 18.6lm/ W.

The utility model has the advantages that the luminous efficiency of the double helix filament ordinary lighting bulb is higher than that of the ordinary lighting bulb, and the utility model is suitable for household and commercial lighting.

The incandescent lamp according to the categories and characteristics of Sichuan. Don't have to try, general lighting, film and stage lighting lighting, photographic lighting, lighting by rail, marine aircraft lighting, lighting, automobiles, tractors and tanks, lighting, mine lighting, medical lighting, instrument, indicator lamp, standard lamp etc..

The energy balance of incandescent lamp for general input power: 100%; radiation output in the visible light range of 7% to 10%, but the human eye can feel accounted for 2%? 4%; in the visible light region was 72% to 86.4%; and the support to form hot wire outgoing energy about 6.5% gas bubbles; that energy is 11.5%. It can be seen that most of the radiation energy of incandescent lamp is infrared invisible radiation.

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