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Function and classification of lamps

Lighting device is based on the requirements of lighting quality first, making full use of luminous flux emitted from the light source, to provide normal working conditions for the light source, a light source lighting protection from external influence. The utility model comprises an optical device for controlling the distribution of luminous flux, a shell, an electric appliance fitting, a light source and a component used for decoration, adjustment and installation. The structure of the lighting should be easy to manufacture, installation and maintenance, the shape should be appropriate to consider the appearance: in particular, decorative lighting, and its artistic style is also particularly stress.

First, the role of lighting

The role of lighting lamps are the following:

First, fix the bulb to allow the current to flow safely through the bulb. For a gas discharge lamp, the lamp is usually provided with a ballast and a power factor compensation capacitor and an electronic trigger.

Second, provide mechanical protection to the control device of the bulb and bulb, support all the accessories, and connect with the building structure.

Third, to control the degree of light emitted by the bulb, the need to achieve the distribution of light, to prevent direct glare.

Fourth, to ensure the safety of lighting, such as explosion-proof.

Fifth, decorative landscaping.

Two, the classification of lighting

Because the lighting project has different requirements on the lamp, so it has a wide range of lamps. The classification of lamps is very complex, from different angles, there are different classification. ,

1 according to the classification of light source according to the classification of the use of light, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high intensity gas discharge lamp, etc..

2 classification according to the installation according to the installation of lighting lamps classification, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, embedded lamps, lamp, table lamp, floor lamp dark trough, luminous ceiling, lamp, lawn lamp, lights, lighting, air conditioning obstacle decorative lamp, emergency lamp etc..

3 according to the functional classification of lamps

(1) according to the type of protection against electric shock, according to the type of protection against electric shock

First characteristic number

Protection grade


Brief description




No special protection


More than 500mm solid foreign body

A part of the human body, such as the hand (but there is no access to the knowledge of protection), solid foreign body diameter change over 50mm


Solid foreign body more than 12mm

The length of a finger or analogue, not exceeding 50mm in diameter, is more than 12mm


More than 2.5 mm solid foreign body

Diameter or thickness of more than 2.5mm tools, wires, etc., solid foreign straight straight more than 2.5mm



Can not completely prevent dust into the people

To hinder the normal operation of the equipment


No dust entry

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