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Fluorescent lamp structure

A source of light that flows through a gas or metal vapor to produce a discharge, which is called a gas discharge light source. According to the different forms of discharge, can be divided into two types of arc discharge lamp and discharge lamp.

Fluorescent lamp is the most widely used light source except incandescent lamp. Cathode type can be divided into two types: hot cathode and cold cathode. Fluorescent lamp structure as shown in the following figure.

The luminescence of fluorescent lamp includes two physical processes: gas discharge radiation and phosphor powder solid luminescence. The utility model is characterized in that the ultraviolet light generated by the low pressure mercury vapor discharge is used to excite the phosphor powder coated on the inner wall of the lamp tube and is converted into visible light.

Because of the negative resistance characteristics of the gas discharge, the fluorescent lamp must be connected with a ballast in the circuit to limit the lamp current and assist the lamp to start.

In 1971, due to the appearance of blue phosphor, made a thin tube diameter (26 mm or less) fluorescent lamps, straight and compact type of the two. Compact fluorescent lamp small size, high luminous efficiency, long life, single end power supply, easy to decorate, is used to replace the following 150W incandescent light source. At present, it has become one of the most mature products of the big lamp enterprises. According to the assembly form of lamp and ballast components, it can be divided into two categories: integral type and separated type. Fluorescent lamps are divided into three types: straight, ring and compact.

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