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St Paul Brazil youth park lighting design

Youth Park (Parque Da Juventude) is the site of the 2002 removal of the St Paul detention center (Casa Da Detencao). Once the ugly 300 thousand m2 was accompanied by the construction of the Youth Park, becoming the center of local sports, entertainment and cultural activities. The project is divided into three regions: the park sports park for handball, volleyball, football and baseball; Central Park is planning for a natural scenic area; College Park occupation schools and technical schools merged into existing prison site.

Alterations in the work, to prevent prisoners from escaping the 50cm thick wall was cleaned after re coloring or completely open. The window range is widened and a sun shading system is applied to the facade to solve the glare of the sun and the problem of overheating in the classroom. Lighting designer Neider Senki (Neide Senzi) for the building lighting design. On the outside of the space, a carefully placed projection light provides the ambient light needed in the yard. In the interior of the building, the light becomes visible, and the shadows of life and human activities are intertwined behind the wall, pointing out that the project is part of the public domain.

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