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Art masterpiece! Gateway apartment building, Maryland Institute College of Art

The facade of the building is all lit by the outer wall, and the luminous exterior is the window of the student's apartment. Schlum carefully designed a certain interval to make the outer part of the facade and the facade of the courtyard to form a dynamic response, the occasional features to enhance and become a special style of the building performance tools. There are many different studios in the north side of Gateway's studio building,

For its facade, Schlum and the graphic designer of the project design LED program. Take the first letter of each word (MTCA) of Maryland Institute College of Art, respectively, from top to bottom in the order of 4 layers of facade. These LED are installed in the studio and protected with metal mesh. After entering the lobby, the entrance of the white wall has been extended to the north, the designer through the installation of gold halide lamp on the ceiling will be evenly lit walls, vortex shaped architectural features are obvious.

The lighting effect of uniform lighting effect with the focus on the two row metal halide downlight on the ceiling and a balcony at the bottom of the white walls of the contrast between the strong. Budget constraints usually lead to lower quality construction projects, Glenn Schlum (Glenn Shrum) as much as possible the cleverly chosen light source, a potential problem of students in space lighting and design features of the overall combination of this attempt is the true meaning of the project, Maryland Institute College of Art was undoubtedly a masterpiece of art.

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