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Lighting design of central courtyard

When visitors pass through the central courtyard, they enter an arch tunnel. The top of the circle has a bright white surface, and the whole top structure is illuminated by a fluorescent lamp installed on the root of the wall. The color temperature of fluorescent lamp is 3000K. Lighting designer with the help of the filter, the light will be adjusted to 2200K, the light is very warm.

After the tunnel, into the plots of western style garden. It is enclosed by a translucent roof. For a type of garden, lighting designers are trying to find an elegant but fun solution. The lighting system installed in the roof structure will be the plant into a blue. At the top of the building, on the edge of the roof, a blue light source is used to light the entire floor. In the same position, the projection lamp can be installed. These projection lamps use 150W ceramic metal halide light source and mirror reflector. The cool color of 6200K makes the light appear blue, creating a dramatic cold night effect, which is an impressive moonlight glow in the trees.

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