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Youth park lighting applications

Only 3 light sources are used in the lighting of the Youth Park: 70, 150 and 250W of the metal halide lamp and the 400W high pressure sodium lamp, as well as the T5 fluorescent lamp for the interior classroom of the building,

Avoid the trouble of equipment replacement. Entrance plaza lighting is mainly in the natural landscape to add some moderate drama. Die cast aluminum floodlights are cast into the shape of a budding tree,

This effect is enhanced. The 8 projection lamps are equipped with 250W gold halogen light source and a series of aluminum reflector with white polyester coating and petal like shape. The lamp poles of the second lamps are 3M and 15cm in diameter. It is made of aluminum (light and durable) and is integrated with the surrounding landscape during the day. In order to integrate into the landscape of Central Park and Sports Park, the use of two versions of column lamps. Narrow beams for high trees,

A broad beam is used for a broad canopy. Most of the lights are buried lights, carefully arranged in a row with a drainage system, as well as some assembled into the 5000K color temperature light source with a rubber band tied to the branches,

Used to produce Moonlight effect and provide positioning.

Upward lighting is a key part of the lighting design concept. To use this technique, Senji choice, because it is consistent with the human scale. It is necessary to keep the user's sense of space in the light of the environment that illuminates a particular building element without prejudice to the view of the sky. The level of illumination is designed to avoid scattering of light into space and thus avoid the waste of energy. The light is directed upward, not downward, which prevents people from looking into the sky. The main idea of the design is that the whole building is endowed with a new meaning. People can be free to use the space as they wish, and lighting needs to reflect the feeling of freedom. "

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