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Six functions of digital semiconductor lighting

1, the product reaches the design life

Semiconductor lighting products can be used for one hundred thousand hours is only a theoretical data, in order to survive in the industry are often used in this theoretical data vaguely to mongolia. To achieve the effective service life of products in the practical application, not to say words can do, need to have the conditions for support, is lighting products must have the optimal operation condition and powerful safeguard measures. Create the running environment of the best and the most precise digital semiconductor lighting system for semiconductor lighting equipment, while providing the most advanced operation, maintenance and management system as the support conditions, so that the semiconductor lighting device can achieve the design service life.

2, to achieve the digital control of shaping the light

Compared with other lighting devices, digital semiconductor lighting has more flexibility to light than energy saving. Managers can transfer data through the lighting management system will be required for lighting lighting terminal, terminal can upload and receive data and instructions, send the required lighting effect in accordance with the instructions of the host computer, characteristics of LED luminescent material is in the larger drive current range can maintain its luminous efficiency and color parameters the conversion can be realized, digital, intelligent and network control by means of technology.

3, dynamic monitoring of lighting equipment operating conditions

The exchange of information between people and lighting, is a man-made way to create a good environment of lighting equipment and methods, management personnel according to the lighting equipment submitted by the operating data of the normal or not, do the maintenance and management work for lighting equipment, lighting equipment to avoid the accident, not passively wait until the device is broken only to change. When the lighting equipment abnormal intelligent system data will be automatically to the abnormal information management center upload, management personnel received operation data change information in a timely manner to deal with, change from passive to active, to nip in the bud, to avoid unnecessary losses.

Six functions of digital semiconductor lighting

4, the scientific application of optical technology

Optical design and application technology is to meet the needs of human light measures, ways and guarantees, but also one of the most important factors to achieve the best energy-saving effect, is an important link to meet the needs of environmental lighting. When the indoor lighting lighting height were 10m, 8m, 6m, 3M etc. are not uniform, meets the requirement of ground illumination need is consistent, the optical design and application of digital technology, semiconductor lighting technology developed Yunlong can achieve this effect.

5, scientific and humane application, management and maintenance system

Digital lighting system highly humanized lighting equipment to set the configuration management, change management, record management software tool of the management process, in the monitoring of the equipment running at the same time, the management system will automatically generate historical records stored in large database, convenient query.

6, equipment energy measurement and control

Digital semiconductor lighting energy metering function, is the contract energy management and energy management is a good helper, can upload the data to the management system for energy metering system can be divided, the equipment management system; automatic report generation; management staff of energy into the system in the limit set to can cut off the power limit, is conducive to the use of energy charge management.

System can be used to manage and maintain the deployment of the two level of application architecture, and constantly improve the system operation and maintenance management capabilities. At the same time, it can be compatible with the data monitoring and information processing of other energy consuming equipment in large public buildings.

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