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Analysis on the technical principle and function expansion of digital semiconductor lighting

LED"" Technical principle According to the guiding thought and ideas of innovation of science and technology, digital semiconductor lighting is the micro processing technology, sensor technology, LED technology, intelligent control technology, network communication technology, database management technology and other advanced elements of science and technology into the semiconductor lighting equipment and build the application platform, to realize the information exchange between the human and the lighting system, the "shape light" are extended for the role and value of human services, the formation of digital semiconductor lighting application system with high technical content, highly personalized, high added value and intelligent lighting products. / Function expansion System and the intelligent application terminals management digital semiconductor lighting, through the computer network subsystem, data acquisition subsystem, information remote transmission subsystem of intelligent lighting equipments used in data, temperature data, illuminance data, current data, voltage data, operating environment temperature / humidity data, alarm data and other information and reach interworking, operation allows the user to the lighting system to cover all at one glance, fast and efficient implementation of monitoring, control and management.

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