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Wireless lighting control systems: an era of Intelligent Technology

LEDLED Wireless lighting control system is an intelligent technology era, the traditional lighting control and wireless integrated management and energy saving, created a new, truly realize the intelligent lighting. LED technology is the century for the development of lighting technology rapidly, it is energy saving, environmental protection, stable, efficient, has been widely used in commercial lighting, landscape lighting and other fields. Wireless lighting control system because the LED, communication, computer, sensor technology, a guarantee of the normal function of illumination, while both the energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent management, high-profile. """"ZigBee Wireless lighting control system, focusing on a "control", the first to control, secondly, the control way is the "wireless", as we all know, the traditional lighting because of the need for manual control, or line control, cannot achieve arbitrary management, often a light problem, a whole line may be affected by the the lamp, or damage cannot be found in time, cause the lighting failure, this phenomenon has been plagued by lighting management. But this new type of lighting control system, due to the adoption of ZigBee wireless technology, on the one hand it can realize wireless control, on the other hand with single lamp control, with the current, voltage, power factor, power consumption statistics and other functions, so that the lighting management more humanized and intelligent.

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