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Singapore Singapore Airport T3 terminal: the use of natural lighting systems

Design of Singapore Singapore Airport T3 terminal to cater to the new operation of Singapore Airlines, the world's first aircraft A380 large aircraft, not only in the visual and thermodynamic conditions on the mountain of unprecedented innovation, and provides a clean, powerful and convenient environment for passengers to open space and plenty of natural light to meet passenger demand.

Singapore Airport T3 terminal

SOM (Skidmore, Owings, Merril) New York company put on the roof of the upper and lower installation panel, from the sound absorption to the sun and as a visual element and a series of functions. Austria lighting design company Bartenbach

LichtLabor, the heat radiation and light combination solution homes: collecting the anti natural light barrier; heat gain; daytime abandon artificial light, and achieve adequate illumination level; the outdoor landscape into interior; low maintenance; high operation efficiency and economic efficiency; long life; low life cycle cost equipment and materials.

BLL has developed a natural light system that is now known as "butterfly". The skylight with an adjustable panel controls the amount of natural light entering the room according to the changes in the brightness of the sky and the position of the sun. In order to run this natural light system, the entire terminal covers a 4m high roof structure, supported by stainless steel mesh and cable. The entire solar collection system consists of approximately 919 skylights and a perforated aluminum panel supported by a steel cable.

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