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Cardiff port: alternative parking lot

The lamp is separately installed with the blue and white (4000K) T8 light source in the two reflectors. In some cases, there will be different angles, with a medium beam angle and a narrow angle. A total of 12 different light fixtures to meet the installation angle and position requirements. Each fixture uses two separate DALI ballasts to achieve the desired control effect. Light color is 4000K cold white and blue two. In order to the life of the lamp, the designer did not choose to install the color shade of the program, because maintenance difficulties and will lead to an increase in the number of lights.

The lamp in two reflector installed separately in blue and white (4000K) of the T8 light source

Taking into account the back of the parking lot of the most ambient light, designers tend to use colored light. They believe that the blue tone is very suitable for the expression of the concept of moving water, so the final choice of a direct installation of a light source than the color of the higher efficiency of the OSRAM blue T8 light source. The interior of the parking lot is used as an illumination light source, which is not covered by the electrical engineer, which is about the illumination intensity of 100lx. This kind of strip lamp is very common in the parking lot, although it will be beautiful, but it is suitable for users to create a safe, unified, and oriented lighting.

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