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Analysis of the "Butterfly" panel lighting system at Singapore Airport

Above the roof is the "Butterfly" panel. The clamping perforated transparent panel is provided with a hinge, which can adjust the two pieces of plates from the completely vertical opening to the full horizontal closing. The axis of the panel is north and south, so it can be adjusted according to the position of the sun to create an accurate natural light system. Each window contains a transparent anti parabolic reflector, the external panel below the glass not only provides weather proof function, and the light propagation to the parabolic reflector, help control light even below the terminal into the hall. Light to the maximum angle of 2x45 degrees, better than the general office lighting. Even if the "Butterfly" panel completely closed, still can penetrate into the interior part of the light. Perforated panel allows 20% of external light to pass through. The roof has a natural light coefficient of 5%, when the weather is clear, even if the "Butterfly" panel is completely closed, the room still has plenty of natural light. In the evening, daylight is replaced by a row of fluorescent lamps installed under the "Butterfly" panel. Each skylight is equipped with 20 54W T5 light. The average indoor illuminance level is 750lx in the daytime and the night is about 350 - 400lx. Floodlights can be switched on as needed to replace natural light at night and when the weather is bad.

Above the roof is the "Butterfly" panel

All of the lighting systems are controlled by an independent lighting management system. 3 computers control the natural light, artificial light and emergency lighting. As an additional security measure, about 25% - 30% of the T3 is connected to the rechargeable battery. Sensors installed on the roof and interior can provide data on weather conditions and the level of indoor illumination, enabling the control system to detect and trigger the necessary adjustments quickly. All panels can be independently regulated, resulting in a high 18m terminal dark and bright areas to create a different atmosphere of space. In addition, all the roof lighting maintenance work can be carried out on the roof, and will not affect the passengers in the terminal. The roof of the skylight is tilted at 5 degrees, helping to clean itself in the rainy season.

All roof lighting maintenance work can be carried out on the roof

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