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Mexico Airport T2 terminal: how to change the door or window to ensure adequate daylight?

The new Mexico Airport T2 terminal, the design of the task is how to change the door or window to ensure that there is sufficient sunlight, while not allowing the room to shine and remain at a lower heat load. Designers use the principle of the screen, the uniform distribution of small holes in the building from all angles can be seen to produce a unified coordination effect. Their diameter is 30cm, similar to the porthole. The arrangement of circular openings have rules, each other distance is 75cm. The perforation makes the wall appear light and bright, and it is completely out of touch with the thickness of the precast concrete elements as well as the thickness of 20cm and 150cm x 1500cm.

The only part of the building that is not affected by the translucency of the perforated wall is the "patio"". The external landscape looks very bright during the day, while in the evening when the artificial lighting is almost disappeared.

Mexico Airport T2 terminal

After entering the third floor, there is a completely closed hall. Two sloping roofs with vertical glass windows cover the entire space, providing a large amount of indirect light from the northeast. Although there is no window to see the outside world, the whole hall is still a bright and cordial feeling. In the upper floors of the lounge, perforated walls and ceilings bring a natural light to the atmosphere.

Mexico Airport T2 terminal

The artificial lighting design concept of the terminal hall is to create an atmosphere that is as close as possible to the natural light. Thus, as night falls, artificial light is used to simulate the effects of natural light on the surface of the building and the light emitted by the target. For example, in order to replace the natural light during the day to wash the effect of light, in the roof of the roof of the closed surface of the efforts to provide uniform lighting with light, highlighting the height and lightness of the hall structure. All light sources are hidden in the rear and upward, because it is impossible to see the light source directly, even if the lamp is not recognized as a lighting device. Most lamps are equipped with a warm white gold halogen light source, the use of asymmetric, wide light reflector indirectly illuminate the surface, as far as possible to simulate the quality of natural light.

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