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MaxicoCity Airport terminal area: the design of porous ceiling lighting

The waiting area is characterized by porous porous ceiling, ceiling and porous walls is slowly together. The design concept of artificial light is based on natural light. Custom lamps with gold halogen light source are irregularly arranged in porous ceiling. These spotlights provide the necessary sufficient light. The lamp is made up of polished metal hemispheres, which can be hidden in the ceiling openings and will not block them or produce shadows during the day. For the ceiling itself, the porous walls of the day will naturally bring light to it, and the night will be illuminated from the bottom up. The lighting device is regularly installed on the air conditioning equipment according to a certain distance, so that a relatively uniform indirect light is generated on the surface of the smallpox.

The porous and porous wall is the ceiling slowly together

The lighting scheme is not only used in the hall where the passengers need to move, but also along the streamline configuration. In the northern domestic flight area and the southern international flight area, the application of a unified wall and ceiling design. The bulb is also hidden in the hole in this part of the building. In the two storey elevation area with asymmetric wall wash lights along the edge of the corridor, the light evenly on the wall.

The porous and porous wall is the ceiling slowly together

The only area where people are aware of the presence of artificial light is the bottom, where the solid ceiling receives no natural light. Lighting designers in these areas did not attempt to create artificial light. They use a lot of linear elements purposefully, creating an effect that is deliberately contrasted with the "punch" part. Inside. All light sources are hidden in the rear and upward, because it is impossible to see the light source directly, even if the lamp is not recognized as a lighting device. Most lamps are equipped with a warm white gold halogen light source, the use of asymmetric, wide light reflector indirectly illuminate the surface, as far as possible to simulate the quality of natural light.

The porous and porous wall is the ceiling slowly together


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