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How to create a sense of air environment by reducing the recognition of the spatial boundaries?

Charles De Gaulle Airport S3 satellite office area is large, the designers hope through the design of reduced space boundary identification, create a sense of air environment, make whole space more luxurious, more space for people to feel real. In order to achieve this design concept, the entire building space is divided into different volumes, each of which is connected to each other by a pedestrian bridge, which crosses the runway service area, eventually connecting the boarding area.

Charles De Gaulle Airport S3 new hall

Light Cibles uses a full range of colors to design a lighting channel. The continuous light corridor not only guides the passengers but also highlights the architectural features. According to different functions, the color of each region is also different. For example, in the Schengen area and in the international area, the color is different, these colors can be changed.

Two types of lighting systems are used in different spaces: linear and point. Linear lighting is the expression of motion, or sense of circulation; point lighting is used in a fixed area where people can wait or relax. Ultra smooth line lighting system is especially designed for the sports area, in these areas are also specially designed on the color effect, making it more eye-catching. Point lighting fixtures mainly use "up and down" equipment (i.e., up and down lighting), and use specific colors in particular areas for special labeling.

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