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Lighting design case of elevation effect of National Stadium Bird's nest

The expected effect of the night, the use of rich light to the stadium from the inside out, shaping the outer steel beams and columns silhouette. Produce a strong visual effect, so that buildings in the day and night with a different appearance. Facades and roofs are handled in the same way.

Use the rich light to illuminate the stadium from inside to outside, shaping the silhouette of the outer steel beams and columns

The effect of illumination on the facade, the expected night scene is achieved by the lighting of the various architectural elements, including the inner pillar, the red back of the stand and the red core wall. For the roof, the effect of the auxiliary lighting fixtures installed inside the roof, thus forming a full luminous effect. Through the lighting control, different effects can be achieved.

The core of the wall to reflect the effect of Chinese red, using custom LED wall lamp lighting

In order to achieve the above results, the lighting device is arranged as follows: the core tube wall to reflect the red China effect, using custom LED wash wall lamp lighting: the outer layer of the steel structure, using asymmetric light; the roof membrane structure, the installation of non symmetric light irradiation in the internal membrane roof structure; large staircase in asymmetric fluorescent lamp mounting both sides of the stairs, provide the function of lighting. In order to meet the great festive atmosphere, the installation of high-pressure sodium lamp, the Golden Nest effect.

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