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Simulation design of freeform lens for uniform illumination of LED table lamp

LED DC as a new generation of lighting flash frequency, high efficiency, has great potential in writing lighting applications. However, the optical properties of the LED high narrow angle concentration lead to the phenomenon that the spot is very bright, and the phenomenon of rapid attenuation with the increase of the radius. This extremely uneven illumination will cause frequent focus of the pupil, easily lead to eye fatigue and discomfort. Free surface lens is an effective way to improve the distribution of light. This method is mainly focused on the research of LED street lighting and other outdoor lighting [3]. LED is a light source with a certain luminous surface size, but the light path of the surface light source is very complex. This will inevitably affect the actual effect of light distribution. Compared with outdoor lighting, LED lamps used in indoor lighting require higher uniformity of illumination area. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the influence of the size and the size of the lens on the light distribution in the free surface lens design of LED table lamp. View attachments


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